Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your resource library!

    • How to access your resources

    • Affiliate Links for Pregnancy and Loss Resources

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    Extra Video Resources

    • Welcome to Sisters in Loss!

    • Why Sharing your Story is important for your Healing?!

    • Emotional Journey of Pregnancy Loss

    • Don't Talk about the Baby Movie

  • 3

    Audio Resources

    • A Mother's Day Prayer for You Audio!

    • My Personal Journey through Infertility!

    • How to Honor your Angel Baby!

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    Downloadable Resources

    • Roadmap to Healing eBook

    • Prayer for Angel Moms who aren't sure what to Pray!

    • Reclaiming my Time Self Care for Pregnancy Loss

    • Stress and Self Care Exercises and Worksheets

    • Black Birthing Bill of Rights

    • Pregnancy and Childbirth for Black People

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    PDF Resources

    • 31 Day Journal Prompts for Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

    • How to Support Survivors of Pregnancy Loss?

    • Maternal Health Social Calendar 2021

    • Joy Comes in the Mourning